Print On Demand Video Tutorial Helps Beginners Find Top Design & Ad Tools

Print On Demand Video Tutorial Helps Beginners Find Top Design & Ad Tools

Print-on-demand is huge – and it’s only going to get bigger in the near future. And while the tons of tools and websites out there might make you think getting started is impossible for a total beginner, it’s actually not – if you know what you’re doing.

Shimmy Morris’s video covers everything from product selection and design to marketing platforms to help you create your own print-on-demand business with minimal investment.

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While many industries struggled during the pandemic, print-on-demand has seen a 12% growth between 2017 and the end of 2020 – and the revenue forecast for 2030 is expected to exceed $39 billion. Coupled with increasing interest in remote business ideas, these figures have made POD increasingly popular among beginner entrepreneurs – and Shimmy’s new video offers a complete overview of the platforms and techniques you need for a successful start.

By eliminating the need to stock items or handle the printing, the POD business model has a very low entry barrier. Shimmy recommends websites such as Amazon, Printful and Gelato. According to the popular content creator, Amazon is an obvious choice for its high traffic volume, Printful is great if you’re selling in the UK and Europe audiences, while Gelato is a versatile platform with a large product variety and it’s perfect for worldwide shipping.

The new video also includes a section on the most suitable items to sell for a POD beginner. Shimmy recommends T-shirts and hoodies for their popularity, stickers for their very low price, and posters for their substantial profit margins.

Shimmy’s latest video also includes practical tips on choosing between various types of marketing and advertising strategies, as well as design ideas and platform recommendations – so check it out today for the perfect starting point for your lucrative home business!

While starting a POD business can seem daunting for a beginner, Shimmy you to give it a go even if you only have limited time available. “If you commit one hour a day to your print-on-demand business or side hustle, you can definitely make it work,” says Shimmy.

Build your successful print-on-demand business by learning from the best – go to to get started!

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