AI-Driven Content Marketing Automation App For SMEs: Free Trials Available

Using AI in your content marketing efforts can help you streamline many parts of the process – content generation, data analytics, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), media buying, and more. Optimizing these elements can save you lots of time, help you reach your target audience more effectively, and maximize the return on investment (ROI) of your efforts.

DigitalBiz Limited’s new AI-powered content marketing automation application for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can help you hit many of these marketing goals; learn more at

Full, Branded Multimedia Campaigns – Amplified

Their comprehensive, AI-driven content marketing service allows smaller businesses like yours, with smaller marketing budgets, to order complete branded, multimedia campaigns that will be automatically distributed to hundreds of major media venues. The campaigns’ speed of distribution and reach can improve your search engine rankings within days, instead of the weeks or months that this may usually take if you use more traditional methods.

The company’s AI-driven omnichannel content marketing application lets you streamline your PR processes to achieve a level of brand exposure typical of Fortune 500 companies, but at only a fraction of the time and cost that such efforts traditionally require. The application generates done-for-you content in a range of formats – including blog posts, slideshows, infographics, podcasts, and videos – and distributes it to high-traffic news sites like NBC, CBS, MarketWatch, and YouTube.

AI Is Increasingly in Demand in Marketing

According to a December 2023 report from HubSpot, since February 2018 there has been a 27% increase in for-profit US companies’ employment of AI or machine learning in their marketing toolkits. Companies mainly use AI for content personalization, predictive analytics of customer behavior, and targeting decisions.

Unlock Lots of Benefits with AI-Powered Content Marketing

DigitalBiz Limited’s AI-driven content marketing service helps you personalize your marketing content, so you can reach your target audience more effectively. Personalized content also helps boost customer engagement by adding value that your customers will appreciate, builds customer loyalty, and improves your lead conversion rate.

The company’s content marketing service can save you up to 30% on time and 50% on your marketing budget, compared to more traditional content marketing strategies. DigitalBiz Limited is so confident in their application’s effectiveness that they offer you a free trial, so you can witness productivity gains before you commit.

About DigitalBiz Limited

DigitalBiz Limited has been developing AI technology since the 1990s, and they know what works, what doesn’t, and the financial implications of deployment decisions. Their AI solutions serve as end-to-end processes that add solid value to clients’ businesses with low-risk and low-cost testing.

I had 561 organic visitors to the site in 2020, so absolutely non-existent traffic,” happy customer Barry Vincent said. “I went live in September 2021 and went from 1,500 uniques to over 10,000 per month and sales increased by 51%. It took us from approximately $48,000 in sales per month to $73,500 in sales per month. I’m hyped!”

Learn more at

Realize the benefits AI-powered content marketing can offer your small business – increase your marketing ROI, improve your customer relationships with targeted content, and scale your business more easily by making better, strategic decisions based on your content’s results.

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