Make Money On The Move: Gaming App Lets Users Earn £2/Day For 30 Mins Of Playing

Make Money On The Move: Gaming App Lets Users Earn £2/Day For 30 Mins Of Playing

Don’t let big companies take all the ad money they get from you. With Skedadle, you also take part in the profit even if you play their mobile games for just 30 minutes every day. You get all the other awesome benefits, too. You minimize your carbon footprint, have fun during your commute, and earn extra cash!

The gaming app has a collection of mini-games and trivia that keep you entertained during your commute. Encouraging more people to take the bus or train to work or school, Skedadle not only gives you a better commuting experience but also helps minimize your carbon footprint.

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The company draws users in by incentivizing them to take public transport with engaging games and trivia. These games are simple and easy to play, and the ads are strategically placed in areas that do not cover the game. You sometimes get alerted of available deals and vouchers from partner establishments nearby, which gives you more reason to keep logging into the app.

This ethical way of marketing sets Skedadle apart from the typical online marketing company. It is not easy to create a loyal and hyper-focused group of users that make for better quality leads. The company achieves this by putting the user’s experience first instead of trying to bombard them with ads to inflate the numbers on the ad’s performance reports artificially.

Clients who work with Skedadle see an increase in revenue because their ads are shown to people who are more likely to buy. This is a result of two things: the ability of the client to narrow down the ad’s target audience to find their specific niche and the ad being served subtly and at specific times. The former ensures that the ad is seen by the consumers who need it the most, and the latter ensures that the user is at their most receptive.

“Our back-end technology and algorithms guarantee that a real person sees the brand’s content. Not only are they seeing it, but they are viewing it in an environment where they’re proven to be taking in what’s going on,” a company representative said.

Why spend your time on other platforms when you can have just as much fun and earn money on the side with Skedadle? Be an active part of their ethical marketing campaign and get all the benefits today! They cash out directly to your account every month, free of charge.

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