Best AI Email Marketing & Facebook Messenger Tool: Sendiio By Joshua Zamora

Best AI Email Marketing & Facebook Messenger Tool: Sendiio By Joshua Zamora

Sendiio is like having a personal marketing assistant by your side 24/7. So buckle up and get ready to maximize your profits, because Sendiio is about to revolutionize the way you market!

It allows you to combine email, text, and Facebook Messenger through one integrated dashboard. Using AI technology, it is possible to create a more engaging broadcast and communication solution.

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Sendiio has garnered significant attention due to its innovative communication approach. As the first AI-powered autoresponder of its kind, it integrates email marketing, text message marketing, and Facebook Messenger marketing under a unified dashboard, providing you with access to three of the most profitable marketing channels.

With Sendiio, it is now possible for you to utilize all three channels together in unison, potentially maximizing your profits. The latest version 3.0 of Sendiio boasts an AI Writing Engine, which writes high-converting sales copy and subject lines, helping to increase engagement across your marketing campaigns.

According to a recent study, autoresponders can increase open rates by as much as 50% and click-through rates by up to 15%. Sendiio is designed to streamline marketing efforts and is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

The software’s hybrid automated messaging feature offers a more diverse communication solution, providing multiple exposure points for business messaging.

In addition to this, the software provides you with ringless voicemail campaigns. With this feature, you can ascertain the most used devices among customers and target them through your advertising efforts.

The full range of features includes a new live calling solution with recording functionality. You can make live calls from within the app, and take control of the signature section of your emails as part of the Ad-Blocks feature.

A spokesperson for the company states: “This will be the first time you’ll ever be able to immediately put real AI copywriting to work for you by instantly being able to send quality email content and social channels.”

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