London Flat Rental Agency Helps Students Relocate & Find The Best Apartment

If you want to join the 127,000 international students who have chosen London as their study destination, speak to London Relocation to source, tour, and lease a flat within 7 days!

With over 20 years of experience helping families and professionals relocate to the city, the agency now facilitates relocations for international students matriculating in any of London’s 40 universities and higher education institutions.

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Using its one-day model, London Relocation can help you find the most suitable properties for your needs, whether you are searching for a flat close to your university campus, an apartment in a neighbourhood with a thriving nightlife, or accommodation within walking distance of top tourist attractions.

In addition, the agency will do its best to help you grow accustomed to city life to alleviate the stress of moving to a new country as a foreigner. Unlike the US and Canada, a spokesperson for the agency explained, the UK capital does not have a centralised MLS that allows consumers to browse all available rentals; as such, it’s the team’s mission to make your relocation as smooth and stress-free as possible by providing you with access to all homes up for grabs in the city through a single agent.

Leveraging its network of over 120 agents, London Relocation finds properties that match your specific search criteria with the aim of helping you find the right place to stay and move in within a week.

After an initial consultation, the rental agency will arrange for you to view between 18 and 25 apartments or homes in a single day. By ensuring you can tour multiple properties in such a short period, the agency strives to accelerate your home search and relocation process, recognising the necessity of facilitating a fast turnaround, which is critical for students like yourself who need accommodation in time to begin their academic term.

If you are about to move to London, you can browse the agency’s website to find resources tailored to international students. The agency has compiled detailed guides on relocating to the city, covering topics such as using public transport, opening a bank account, financial planning, and navigating London culture and nightlife.

About London Relocation

London Relocation has helped over 1,000 individuals from across the globe source rental homes, including pet-friendly and LGBT-friendly ones, relocate their families and children to the area, and adapt to their new lifestyle and neighborhood.

London Relocation will help you move to one of the best student cities in the world -call the team today at +1-800-903-1658!

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