Get D2C Multi-Platform Strategies For OTT Marketing Campaigns- Los Angeles & NYC

Get D2C Multi-Platform Strategies For OTT Marketing Campaigns- Los Angeles & NYC

Are you taking full advantage of the power of data to market your business? For the ultimate ROI and to take your company to the next level, talk to BB3!

BB3 provides you with strategic planning to reach your target markets. The company’s approach is grounded in detailed research and analysis, helping to elevate your brand visibility and profile in the crowded and fiercely contested e-commerce space.

Falling behind the competition? Data analysis can deliver a better ROI. For multi-platform marketing that really makes a difference, choose BB3! More details at

You could be enjoying the many benefits of BB3’s data and analytics-based response-driven campaign services. As a boutique company, BB3 provides personalized service, ensuring excellent communication and collaboration to help you achieve your commercial goals.

Data gathering is now an essential part of marketing in the modern era. The digital revolution has given businesses unprecedented opportunities to understand their target markets, what has worked well in the past, and what is likely to shape the nature of future success. According to a report by v12 Data, marketers using personalized data-driven techniques deliver five to eight times the ROI achieved by more traditional approaches.

BB3 gathers and analyses both historical and real-time data gleaned from TV, the web, social media, mobile, and video platforms. The team brings expertise in guiding your campaign from its creative inception through to roll-out.

Recent successes include helping a D2C TV brand break into the OTT/CTV space to reach younger audiences. This led to over $2 million in revenue, 76% of which was from new client acquisitions.

You’ll benefit from BB3’s multi-platform approach. By buying media from its extensive network of contacts across national cable and broadcast TV, CTV, social media, podcast directories, and more, the company provides you with blanket coverage at a fraction of the cost of rival agencies.

Other advantages of BB3’s services include regular research, reporting, and insights, keeping you abreast of a campaign’s progress, and responding to market trends and events as the weeks and months progress. The use of demographic, psychographic, and viewership patterns within the company’s research arm ensures that target audiences can be identified and converted to loyal customers.

About BB3

Since its inception in 2010, the company has been helping businesses of all sizes across all sectors find new and effective ways to improve customer engagement, drive revenue, and increase conversions. Led by founder Ariel, the team brings many years of experience in harnessing the power of data and analytics. BB3 is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Atlanta, NYC and London. Learn more at

A satisfied client says, “BB3 truly has a client-centric approach to media buying. Having worked with the team for years, it is more than just an agency. They are innovative, passionate, and have a penchant for performance. I can attest that BB3, with all their strategic alliances throughout the industry, will deliver results for your business.”

BB3 continues to set the standard for data-savvy marketing in the Los Angeles, CA area.

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Build a brighter future for your business with BB3!

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