Wellness Expert Explores The Potential Health Risks Of EMF Radiation Exposure

While we might not want to admit it, the vast majority of us have quickly grown to have a strange and complicated love affair with our smartphones in the last decade or so.

We’ve all heard the mumblings about what effects this new love might be having on our health, but it can be difficult to know what to believe.

Omnia Collective, a mission-driven company that creates devices intended to protect humans from exposure to electromagnetic field radiation, dives into the potential risks of smartphones and the 5G network that supports them.

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✦ What’s EMF Got To Do With It? ✦

According to the article, titled “10 Reasons Why to Get Protection from EMF Radiation”, the planet is in the midst of undergoing a global infrastructure upgrade to 5th-generation (5G) wireless networks.

Omnia explains that the switch from 4G to 5G comes with a 24-fold increase in radio-frequency exposure, as 4G has a bandwidth limit of 2.4GHz and 5G can have a range of up to 60GHz. The article follows up by stating that the impact this change will have on the health of humans and biological systems has not and cannot yet be predicted.

In addition to the radiation potentially being released from the new global 5G network, humans are also exposed to large amounts of electromagnetic field radiation through smartphone use, says the company.

In recent decades, the percentage of the population using and carrying smartphones with them nearly constantly has skyrocketed and, as Omnia Collective again explains, scientists do not yet know how this immense change is affecting human health or the impact it will have on the health of future generations.

The Omnia article goes on to highlight the lack of safety testing documentation attached to the 5G network rollout. According to the Omnia article, representatives from the companies spearheading this rollout were questioned at a Senate hearing in 2019 about available documentation regarding their safety testing of 5G devices. The representatives stated in the hearing, which, Omnia Collective notes, is publicly available, that no such documentation exists and that their companies had not spent money on safety-testing the 5G network.

The company notes that, while its goal was to incorporate a well-rounded body of information in this article, it recognizes there are viable alternative interpretations of the 5G issue. Omnia encourages you to always do your own research and it welcomes any information or data it may have missed in the writing of this and all of its articles.

✦ About Omnia ✦

Omnia Collective’s mission is two-fold: to share the most current third-party data about the effects of radiation, and to provide the best, most tested harmonizer available. The company’s harmonizers are designed to create protective barriers from exposure to electromagnetic field radiation which is emitted by smartphones, satellites, cell towers, and more. The Omnia Radiation Balancer EMF-harmonizing products come in the form of stickers that can be secured to electronic devices and a pendant that can be worn like a necklace.

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