Unipilot`s Pilot Protocol Boosts Investors Liquidity Earnings Swapping Crypto

Unipilot`s  Pilot Protocol Boosts  Investors Liquidity Earnings Swapping Crypto

Unipilot just launched the Pilot Protocol. The first decentralized exchange protocol to take advantage of the new Uniswap v3, allowing liquidity providers to specify their desired price range, thus maximizing their return. Instead of spreading liquidity over a hefty price curve, investments may now target within a specific range saving time by dropping the manual oversight formerly required and gas fees that made it much more costly.

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Unpilot company directors state on the website, “Unipilot was first envisioned when Uniswap released their article that outlined the features of V3. The concept of allowing liquidity pools to concentrate their liquidity into smaller price ranges to earn more fees set the wheels in motion for a service that could optimize and automate the process on behalf of the users. We saw a gap in the market for a service that takes out the complexity of active liquidity management while maximizing capital returns. Efficient management of liquidity by automation is a revolutionary development and will be welcomed by the crypto industry with far-reaching applications on the horizon for new companies.” Unipilot business coordinator and marketing director Taha Haq states, “Uniswap aims to be the one-stop solution for providing automatically optimized liquidity seamlessly across various automated market makers. Uniswap V3 is the first automated market maker that offers the “Concentrated Liquidity” feature to users. Once other automated market makers start to offer this feature, Unipilot will be able to upgrade its smart contract to also interface with these automated market makers and allow users to access them.”

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Pilot Protocol Advantages Over the Manual Method

● Automatically optimize liquidity fees allowing much greater returns

● Pilot Protocol automatically does all the work

● Easily add liquidity with one token

Unipilot’s Pilot Protocol Invests In Liquidity with Optimized Efficiency unavailable with the old manual method. With Uniswap v3, liquidity providers can now concentrate capital in custom price ranges allowing for optimized capital control while maximizing the overall liquidity utilized. A more significant return on investment is realized, and even minor price optimizations can dramatically increase returns.

Unipilot automates the liquidity management process, maximizes capital efficiency, and minimizes the user’s risk of inactive liquidity. An experienced team of UI/UX designers includes an in-house development team and a robust and active community of investors.

Typically, liquidity providers must oversee and manage capital constantly. No fees are earned when prices fluctuate, and money falls out of the active price range. Monitoring the dynamic price range to adjust the liquidity invested takes time and requires a more significant capital investment due to high transaction costs.

Unipilot Solves these Problems by Managing A Liquidity Providers’ Capital

● Automated liquidity optimization and management (no more manual oversight)

● Allocate capital to Uniswap’s liquidity pools to get the most out of each pool

● Auto-rebalances liquidity based on changing market prices to hit targeted price ranges

● Minimizes liquidity adjustment transaction costs

The Inner Workings of Pilot Protocol

Pilot Protocol employs “Vaults” to secure and manage the liquidity positions of the investors, similar to Uniswap’s liquidity pools. These Vaults are the mechanism to earn fees.

Creating a new vault is triggered by each pair of tokens invested, and new investors are then allowed to join that Vault to make money. The Pilot protocol will interact with Uniswap v3 to create a new NFT for the Vault once completed. This NFT represents the total liquidity of the Vault.

The Vaults maintain price ranges for liquidity through a decentralized system called “Concentration Incentives.” If the liquidity range varies from the current trading price, the community is rewarded for making adjustments. A smart contract verifies and executes an adjustment made by either a human or a bot after a transaction triggers the adjustment. The rewards are paid in the native Unipilot PILOT token.

Competitive Advantages of Using Pilot Protocol

Adding liquidity with only a Single Token

Before adding assets to a liquidity pool, an individual is usually required to make multiple asset swaps. Unipilot simplifies this process with just one click, and it does what would have taken three in one transaction. After liquidity is deposited, the user receives a Pilot NFT from the protocol and can begin earning trading fees.

Oversight – Pilot Governance

Pilot Governance is the community-organized and operated process of managing the various aspects of the Pilot Protocol to include the future direction. By holding the PILOT token, users have the opportunity to take part in the “Decentralized Governance” of Unipilot. With no minimum amount required for voting, it is a truly open community where all stakeholders have a say.

The Pilot Index Fund

The Pilot Index Fund encapsulates the fees earned by Unipilot and underpins the value of the PILOT token. In this way, the protocol can be supported in a secure manner, independent of external exchanges. As the protocol generates more fees, the Index Fund appreciates, and tokens held within the fund can be accessed directly by investors.

Flash liquidity

Coined by Unipilot the Pilot protocol, “flash liquidity” allows investors to earn a percentage yield as high as 40% daily.

Interest-free loans

Unipilot integrates directly with VoirUSD, enabling users to take out interest-free loans while still earning fees.

Growth Ahead

Unipilot is well-positioned for growth and differs from all other DeFi projects. While the liquidity markets are constantly evolving, liquidity farming has been revolutionized by Uniswap v3 and Automated Liquidity Managers, resulting in long-term growth and sustainability.

Warning: The information on this page does not constitute investment advice, or any other sort of advice, and should not be considered as such. Before making any investment decisions, readers should do their own research.

Authored by: Robert Stone

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