Premium Pleated Blinds – New Window Treatments Your UK Home Has Been Missing

Shuttercraft is now making the traditional pleated blinds a premium new window treatment that will bring you the ultimate form and function.

That’s why Shuttercraft is also adding to their growing online customer information resource with their new customer advice report, ‘Pleated Blinds – New Window Treatments Your Home Has Been Missing’. The blinds and shutters experts believe that homeowners now overlook the long-popular pleated blind, so they have created their new style advice report to showcase to you the benefits of pleated blinds from design, function and cost standpoints.

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Their new advice report has been released as spring commences in earnest in the United Kingdom. Long established as the best season to undertake home improvement projects and renovations, Shuttercraft knows you are likely thinking about bringing more style, charm, and functionality into your home in spring.

As blinds and shutters are well known for improving a home’s design aesthetic, kerb appeal and real estate value, Shuttercraft knows they are likely at the top of your list for spring home improvements. Their new article details the core benefits of new pleated blinds for your property.

As Shuttercraft’s expert design team explains, from a functional perspective, pleated blinds are easy and quick to install and cost-efficient in comparison with other blind options whilst still offering you top insulation and reduced energy bills, effective light control and improved privacy.

As their new advice report explains, pleated blinds also give you clean lines, and they look just as good open as they do closed.

As fitters of made-to-measure window treatments, Shuttercraft offers you their pleated blinds in over 100 different fabrics, with neutrals, soft, pale hues and bold, standout shades available.

Shuttercraft’s new consumer guide is just one of many resources now available on its website. In addition, Shuttercraft offers a complimentary in-home consultation, where their expert staff can discuss your design options and take measurements for their carefully fitted blinds.

A spokesperson for the premium window treatments fitters said, “It’s easy to glance over a range of window dressings and think of pleated blinds as pretty much the same as other blind types – but this isn’t the case. Pleated window blinds offer your home a distinct look and a range of benefits unique to this design. Our new consumer guide will walk you through the benefits of made-to-measure pleated blinds – so you can decide if they’re the perfect choice for your property.”

This spring, transform your home with Shuttercraft’s made-to-measure premium pleated blinds.

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