LinkedIn Outreach Automation Software Integrates Easily With Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Lead Generation Made Easy

With millions of senior influencers, LinkedIn is a goldmine for B2B marketers, but manual lead generation campaigns take a lot of time and effort.

Salesflow automates multiple steps in your lead generation campaigns, so you can focus your efforts on the best prospects.

The award-winning software integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, as well as HubSpot, PipeDrive, Salesforce, and Zapier. That means you can enjoy all the benefits of outreach automation without having to change your familiar systems or workflows.

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Salesflow was created with the express goal of making LinkedIn lead generation more efficient, especially for SMBs and sales teams. The software allows you to create automated outreach programs with advanced reporting, giving you more time to focus on the best leads.

A Goldmine Waiting To Be Tapped

Owing to its business-oriented image, LinkedIn is now regarded as one of the leading social media platforms for B2B selling. According to the company’s own statistics, up to 25% of users are senior-level influencers, and 80% of B2B marketers say that they use it to generate new leads.

As Salesflow points out, manually created LinkedIn outreach campaigns can be time-consuming, and the lack of quality data can make it difficult to know what’s working and what isn’t. The unique software allows you to see which campaigns are the most successful, so it’s fast and easy to repeat and/or scale those efforts.

“Our latest update improves native integration capabilities, so it’s even easier for sales teams and businesses to run an advanced outreach campaign,” a company representative explained. “We also offer a dedicated support team to guide businesses through the automation journey, because we want all our clients to get the full benefits of our software.”

About Salesflow

Software review website G2 identified Salesflow as a “High Performer” in its category for the spring and summer of this year, recently upgrading that rating to “Leader” in both the European and US markets. The software has now been adopted by some of world’s most well-known organizations, including HubSpot, Verizon, and Visyond.

“Salesflow is one of the top tools in the stack for us,” one director of business development recently stated. “We used LinkedIn as an engagement channel before Salesflow, but it involved a high degree of manual effort. Salesflow has allowed us to ramp up our volume and scale on LinkedIn, while also gaining valuable efficiency.”

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