Learn about the four main types of crypto currency wallets.

Learn about the four main types of crypto currency wallets.

RavencoinStack have released a new resource to explain the different type of Crypto coin wallets and why some types are more secure than others. If you are new to cryptocurrency, you definitely need to take a look at the resource to learn about wallets and to avoid mistakes that could cause you to lose your coins.

Learn exactly what a crypto wallet is, you might be surprised to find out that a wallet is not somewhere that you store coins.

Discover the differences between the four main wallet types and why you should have more than one wallet type.

Find out about physical hardware wallets that make it virtually impossible for hackers to gain access to your coins. You can also set them to “self-destruct” if someone inputs an incorrect Personal Identification Number (PIN) more than three times.

Learn how two wallet types can be synchronised with each other.

Find out about the difference between hot and cold wallets. Cold wallets are a great way of reducing the threat from hackers and other online attacks.

The resource also gives you recommendations where you can find out more about the actual wallets that are available.

Learn why a piece of paper could be the best way to secure your coins.

You will also learn why your private keys are ultra-important and why you must not lose them.

Discover the benefit and trade-offs of each type of wallet.

Find out how to use your wallet to store all your digital assets in one place.

Use your wallet to send and receive crypto currency.

Use your wallet to pay at stores that accept crypto currency.

You’ll find out that a crypto currency wallet is not like a normal cash wallet.

Multiple type of cryptocurrencies can be stored in the same wallet.

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