Get Lipogems Cell Therapy By Top Cartilage Regeneration Experts In London

Get Lipogems Cell Therapy By Top Cartilage Regeneration Experts In London

When we’re young, everyone feels a bit like they’re invincible, and we never even think about topics like cartilage regeneration – but that changes as we age.

No one is immune, I heard even Axl Rose, of Guns N’ Roses, recently developed arthritis.

It’s in his Sha-na-na-na-na knees, knees.

Okay, that’s not actually true, and I hope Mr. Rose is doing well – but if he did develop arthritis, I know where I would suggest he go.

MSK Doctors, a musculoskeletal specialist clinic recognised as a teaching centre of excellence by the International Cartilage Regeneration Society (ICRS), has several improved cartilage regeneration techniques, including cell therapy.

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Working with Prof. Paul Lee, a top specialist in conditions of the hip and knee, the MSK Doctors clinic has debuted innovative techniques and made improvements to traditional treatment options for cartilage regeneration. Prof. Lee is known for his improvements to several major surgical procedures, and his experience with regenerative medicine.

Over the last several decades, there have been significant advances in cartilage regeneration. However, some techniques, such as stem cells, are still considered experimental and are not yet approved for clinical use. The MSK Doctors clinic uses fat cell therapy treatments, which are frequently confused with stem cells.

Fat cell therapy, also known as Lipogems, involves injecting some of your body’s naturally occurring fat cells into locations where they can be used for cushioning and regeneration. While many similar treatments provide short-term relief until your body absorbs the injected material, Lipogems are known for delivering longer-lasting relief because they are less likely to be naturally reabsorbed.

While the injections provide cushioning for your affected joints and pain relief, they also help to create an area inside the joint that is conducive to healing. Though this treatment method has been proven effective and approved as safe by regulatory bodies around the world, researchers still do not fully understand how the process works.

Prof. Paul Lee and the MSK Doctors clinic also offer several other treatment options, including biological scaffold techniques often recommended for repairing minor damage. Specialists at the clinic use keyhole surgery techniques to complete these procedures, which minimises your downtime and makes your recovery easier.

A spokesperson for the clinic said, “Each person’s needs should be taken under consideration with their individual circumstances and, at the same time, each joint will have a specific environment and requirements. At MSK Doctors, our experts will take into account all these factors and offer you the most appropriate treatment solutions.”

No one is immune to damage caused by ageing and over-exertion, but that’s no reason not to get the best possible care, straight from the UK’s top experts.

The MSK Doctors clinic requires no referral, only hires the top musculoskeletal specialists, and provides them with access to innovative technology and scanning equipment not available anywhere else in the county.

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