Get A SPAIRE Hip Replacement In Woodhall Spa & Enjoy No Mobility Restrictions

Get A SPAIRE Hip Replacement In Woodhall Spa & Enjoy No Mobility Restrictions

Did you know that with the “SPAIRE” hip replacement procedure, you can go home afterward with no mobility restrictions?

None! In fact, it’s so much easier on your body than the traditional method, you’ll also recover much faster, and have a reduced chance of post-surgery dislocations.

I’m getting ahead of myself though, let’s start at the beginning.

MSK Doctors, a Woodhall Spa private clinic staffed by some of the world’s top musculoskeletal specialists, has just extended its self-referral program, and that’s great news. Now it’s even easier to get an appointment with a world-class expert, access cutting-edge surgical procedures, and get fast diagnostic scans – all without ever even needing a referral from your GP.

It’s easy, just visit their website at and click “Book Online” to schedule an appointment

The private clinic makes getting fast diagnostic scans, medical consultations, and treatment easy, by including a “no waiting list” policy for most of its services. The self-referral program is available to all patients in the Woodhall Spa area, and appointments can be scheduled either online or by phone, at 0330 001 0048.

While the self-referral program is not entirely unique, it allows you to access several services that can be difficult to find elsewhere, including the only Open MRI scanner in the county, and several advanced surgical techniques. The SPAIRE (Spare Piriformis And Internus, Repair Externus) hip replacement procedure is one example of a procedure that, while it has been proven to reduce surgical trauma and improve recovery times, is still not known by most surgeons today.

Prof. Lee, the founder of MSK Doctors, is one of the few surgeons in the world trained in this technique, which allows you to return home after the procedure with no mobility restrictions. In most cases, after hip replacement surgery, you are asked to limit your movement in several ways, such as not crossing your legs or bending too far at the hip.

The technique uses an advanced procedure to reduce surgical trauma, by avoiding several important muscles and tendons, which would have to be cut using the traditional approach. By keeping these muscles and tendons intact, Prof. Lee can reduce the risk of post-surgery dislocations and help you begin your recovery faster.

The self-referral program is open to all patients in the Woodhall Spa area, without a GP referral, for scheduling initial consultations, appointments with a musculoskeletal specialist, or diagnostic scans with the county’s only Open MRI machine.

One satisfied patient said, “Prof. Lee ensured that he fully understood the nature of my injuries and then communicated clearly to me my options and which option he thought had the best chance of success… Since the operation I have received appropriate advice and my recovery has been better than I expected. I am very grateful.”

It’s easy to see why MSK Doctors is a popular choice – they’re not just fast, they’re also the best at what they do, whether it’s a simple diagnostic scan or an advanced surgical procedure.

Get the best care, on your own schedule. Visit to book an appointment today.

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