Create A Growth Mindset With Tony J. Selimi’s Breakthrough CEO Coaching Program

Create A Growth Mindset With Tony J. Selimi's Breakthrough CEO Coaching Program

In the past three years, the business landscape has changed completely. As a CEO, you’ve had to deal with the turmoil caused by the pandemic, remote work arrangements, supply chain disruptions, and inflation – and the list keeps going!

Now, more than ever, is the time for you to upskill yourself, support your team, and learn to be flexible to help your company thrive.

But how can you be an inspiring leader when you’re stressed and exhausted? Meet Tony J. Selimi, a world-famous life strategist and executive coach.

His new program was designed to help corporate executives stay on track with their personal and professional goals while navigating today’s highly uncertain business landscape. Tony J. Selimi’s coaching approach is based on his unique background, combining executive experience in global companies with over 30 years of studies of human cognition and the psychology of excellence.

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According to a recent article on Forbes, the concerns CEOs are expected to face in 2023 include making decisions amid economic uncertainty and inflation, managing changing business models, creating remote and inclusive cultures, strengthening team relationships, and minimizing burnout. This seems too much even for a CEO, doesn’t it?

Recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on human behavior and potential, Tony Selimi has developed self-mastery methods that he uses to assist you in deep self-reflection. With his guidance, you will be able to develop a growth mindset and a clear vision to become an inspiring leader and achieve breakthroughs in the critical areas of your life.

A representative for the life coach said, “Tony’s vast knowledge, experience and perspective from working with clients in various industries and professions allows him to effectively and efficiently assist you in getting unstuck and provide you with a unique, individual and targeted integrated science and holistic coaching and mentoring approach to achieve results at times of doubt, forced change, fear of the unknown and uncertainty.”

Tony structures his 1-on-1 coaching sessions in a way that allows you to focus on your unique goals and reveal the optimal path to achieving them. According to the life strategist, one of the keys to living meaningfully and realizing your full potential is embracing your authenticity and re-engineering your reality to align with your highest vision.

Tony’s integrated, science and holistic coaching approach is based on a unique combination of methods, including TJSeMethod: ALARM®, The Unfakeable Code® Method, Behavioural Change Principles®, and the Octagon of Excellence® Method. As you learn to apply these principles in your work and personal life, you’ll be able to get to the root causes of your issues, turn them into opportunities, and feel empowered for positive transformations.

Private sessions can be conducted online or in person in London, where Tony is based, or at one of his Global Mastermind Vital Planning retreats. You can also invite him to a location of your choice.

“I have approached Tony J. Selimi to seek support to address the unbalances I had created in my life, including health, personal relations and career,” said a satisfied client. “One year down the line, by applying the tools, principles, and methods Tony teaches, I am creating the elite dream life I want, feel empowered, healthy and on the trajectory for becoming a global purpose-driven leader.”

Stop burnout in its tracks and achieve harmony in your work and life.

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